The March of Creationist bigots continues…Under different guises creationists have tried to pass a legislature which would undermine science and bring forth a macabre explanation of natural phenomena through the lens of creationism. The major problem is that these legislations are put forth by people who have not read a single book on evolutionary biology but have digested creationist/intelligent design texts or faulty interpreations of evolutionary biology. In these very dark times, its time when we fight off these well funded, misguided attempts to take us back to the dark ages!!

Why Evolution Is True

Oklahoma may be about to join those states that, in an attempt to sneak creationism and global warming denial into the classroom, will enforce a “let a million criticisms flourish” bill on public school classrooms. The repeated failure of creationists and science denialists to force the teaching of antiscience in the classroom has, as you know, given rise to a new strategy: instead of mandating the teaching of, say, creationism or intelligent design, they try to allow “free criticism” of scientific theories (evolution) in the classroom, with the mandate that students not be penalized for views that contradict accepted science.

As Mother Jones reports, a new bill in the Oklahoma legislature, the “Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act” ( HB 1674; free download at link), has passed the education committee by a 9-8 vote and will soon go to the full legislature:

In biology class, public school students can’t…

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  1. This stupidity is why all 5 of my grandchildren are in private, non religious, schools. We need scientists, engineers and doctors – not more ditch diggers.

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