Life is dynamic !! There are so many things happening around you, and yet many people don’t even notice it in the hustle-bustle of life. I am by nature an observer and this small blog is dedicated to document my fascination of the things all around us.

But then why science? Well, in my defence science is after all an objective process  of understanding nature and all we see around. Be it physics, chemistry and biology, all of them combine together to make us understand the complexities of life. Imagine yourself in 1500’s and immediately you will see the boon that has been science.

As the title says—Yes, i am a geek, and a science geek at that !! I love everything about science, be it big discoveries, the process leading to it and finally the policy decisions which effects everything.

But seriously speaking, science is a very large area to cover and keep updated about. So, like everyone i too specialize in some areas within it. I am fascinated by all the happenings in evolutionary biology, neuroscience and genetics. Apart from these empirically driven subjects, i am also keen to know more about the history and philosophy of science. This is what i am going to write about and hope that like me, you all too enjoy the process.

Welcome aboard !!


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